Coco Akmur is a very sweet and loyal girl. When she looks at you – the heart is melting from her love. She was the first queen in our cattery, and is extremely smart, and has dominant personality – truly the Queen of the house. She is retired now, and living in NYC

Coco Akmur Of RoyalPlushBrits

Golden Gwen Akmur is very communicative girl. She is also a great hunter – all bugs will get into her paws. Gwen is famous in her tall up-jumps for a bug or for a feather wand =) She is retired now, and living in Lewes, Delaware

Golden Gwen Akmur Of RoyalPlushBrits

Hera RoyalPlushBrits is Fabris’s and Gwen’s daughter. She earned a Best kitten award at the age of 8 months! She is retired now.