The next litter will be probably around September.

We do not require a deposit to be on waiting list. Send email to

The prices are usually around $3000 for golden shaded and 4500 for silver shaded color point if we ever would have ones, including TICA registration and pedigree, health certificate, up-to-date vaccinations, deworming, toys and raw kitten food for a week if you are local.

After a heart-breaking consideration and due to personal circumstances, we decided to re-home our 7-year old Coco. She will need a quiet, free of children home, with no older cats in the house. She is on the raw meat diet, and if you are local we will give you some food for a couple of weeks (she will get fat on dry food). She is spayed, dewormed and vaccinated. Coco is loving, playful, communicative, although may hide when strangers come. The re-homing fee is $300.

Also for the same reasons, we decided to give away our British Longhair Florence, Borgata’s daughter. She is 6 years old. She will only go to a vet tech or a vet since she may need some future medical care (she will need yearly ultrasound which will cost ~$600-700 for non-vets, and beta blockers but they are not expensive). Employment verification at the vet’s will be asked. We will provide you with raw cat food for a week if you are local. Vaccinations, deworming and health certificate will be provided.

Photos and videos of previous kittens are available on our Instagram page!

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When purchasing a kitten from our cattery you agree that in case if you need to re-home a cat from our cattery you agree to surrender the cat back to our cattery, and no re-sale of such cat is allowed.